Swedish Massage
Melt into the table with this technique using long strokes with light to medium pressure to calm your nervous system and relieve stress.

  •     Swedish Massage, 60 minutes – 75
  •     Swedish Massage, 90 minutes – 100

Deep Tissue Massage
Firm pressure is used to delve into deeper muscles in the body to relieve pain and tension.

  •     Deep Tissue Massage, 60 minutes – 85
  •     Deep Tissue Massage, 90 minutes – 110

Prenatal Massage
Light to medium Swedish techniques are used on pregnant women beyond their first trimester. The treatment is performed while the mother-to-be lays on her side cocooned in pillows and blankets. It helps alleviate discomfort that comes with pregnancy and keeps mom and baby happy.

  •     Prenatal Massage, 60 minutes – 75
  •     Prenatal Massage, 90 minutes – 100

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